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Jiuxin machine Co.,Ltd.

Jiuxin from foundation, has been concentrating on leasing and sale, gearing which constructs a machine product to dismantle to unload a service, with tower type derrick, SC construction elevator etc. key figures large construction the machine accessories sale of the whole machine equipments and lately old tower mourn, construction elevator of recovery and generation rent for main camp item.

Everlasting of serving

Your demand is our services scope, jiuxin companies take orders the principle of management of "superior quality service, creation value"; Provide the consultation, the whole machine product leasing of the product information and sell, dismantle to pack to maintain supply and the whole machine of service, accessories a recovery for you at any time, the generation rent.
   Look beyond Jiuxin machine the limited company will hold hands with lately old customer to create together for 21 centuries.
   Regiments idea Jiuxin think team's ising is a common goal but work hard, and share the benefits common body of victory fruit after the target reach!
   Inaugurate idea Idea innovation, technique innovation, management innovation is Jiuxin long-last own of wear the one and only competition ability of source!
   Productian idea Jiuxin provide of isn't only a kind of product but also a set of system, 1 set solves problem for the customer of project!
   Management idea Superior quality service ,creation value
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